Writing Essay About Social Media

Общество >> 04.03.2019

Social media is a phenomenon extremely actual in people’s lives. Social media platforms have grown tremendously in the past years. Despite all the misconceptions and scandals that shook the consumers’ trust, Facebook continues to have more than 2 billion active users every month. 2019 is going to be an interesting year for social media as it needs to rebuild users’ trust. What is more, social media is all about storytelling. People love to share their stories and life experiences with their friends and families. This means that they need social media to communicate faster and easier. Keep reading this article and discover what’s the most effective way to write an essay about social media.

Writing an Essay About Social Media

  1. Choose an inspiring title
Often times, the title gives you the direction in which you are going to write. The success of a social media essay depends on inspired you are when you choose the topic and the title you want to write about. Before you decide the topic and title, you should think very well if you have enough information about it. Otherwise, even though the title looks nice, you will end up stuck in the middle of the essay with no ideas to continue. What is more, when you select the title, you should choose one which intrigues the writer instantly. Titles like “the impact of social media on youth” or “should schools forbid the use of social media platforms in their premises?” will make your readers curious and convince them to keep reading your essay.
  1. Build a powerful introduction
Social media is a very disputed subject nowadays. There are many people who consider that social media is harmful to modern society, while there are others who cannot imagine how one day of their life would look like without social media. With these in mind, your introduction should be extremely powerful and catchy. You can come with real data on the actual situation and make your readers curious about what you have to say. In addition, you can add some striking statistics which show your readers that you did detailed research and you know what you are talking about. The introduction will gain the trust of your readers and convince them to keep reading.
  1. The body of the essay shouldn’t disappoint your readers
Once you have built a convincing introduction, you cannot fail your readers with a weak body. The essay’s body should come with detailed information on what you presented in the introduction. For example, in the body, you can detail why people and businesses need social media. Thus, your essay will become very interesting for marketers and social media fans alike. Moreover, you can also outline the benefits of social media. Apart from being a great source of information, social media helps people strengthen their relationships and has become an active method of communication. You should also remember to introduce a new idea with each paragraph and back everything up with real data. The writers from Get Academic Help can be of great help if you lack inspiration.
  1. Sum up everything in the conclusion
Even though the most convincing part of the essay is the body, you should also pay attention to what you write in the conclusion. Use this last paragraph of your essay to sum up everything you wrote in the body. What is more, you should remember that the conclusion is the last word you leave to your reader. Therefore, it will influence the way he remembers and thinks of you. Thus, the conclusion should be very convincing. What is more, you can end your essay with a question and make your reader think more on the subject and take action right away.

Social media is a topic which will continue to intrigue the society many years from now. When writing an essay on social media it is very important to keep a coherent flow and keep your readers engaged from the beginning until the end. Detailed research is the key when writing a social media essay. Moreover, you should appropriately cite each source. Even though there is plenty of information on the subject, you should always use trustful sources from reputable authors and journals.